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" Follow Here To Explore More With Less Effort "

Writer & Reader

" Follow Here To Explore More With Less Effort "

Our Discoveries


Create your own path by taking the right decision, rather than running towards others foot-marks. It is very essential to know where you are & what is your Purpose here in this world. This world has also two faces like the coins.


It is very important to know about the few facts and procedure before using any electronic gadgets. Likewise if we don't know how to burn the candle, we cannot lighten the room in dark night. Same theory is required here also.


Know about latest technology, Android / iOS updates, Windows shortcuts, Mac program & much more around the world. Here our intention is only to help when blocked with no visible path or when you feel locked off.

Our Motto

Hello Everyone, Today we cope with many problems in our surroundings. Sometime we tries shortcut for success, sometime needs help to counter our selves etc. That’s why I have created this platform for all the fastest computer minds. Everyone is invited here for all type of possible help….. Help those who needs it and explore the world towards happiness.

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