Where I Am !

Meaning of Life


  1. What is life? Why life is? What is the purpose for?
  2. Who I am? Why should I stay here? What is my job?
  3. Why I am here?
  • A lot of questions arise in my mind but nobody can define it with proper explanation. Someone says that I am here to take care of my families, my friends, etc…..
  • I do have some responsibilities but why? Why should I choose this? I am not satisfied with their answers. I do agree that a number of peoples are having some expectations and I will surely do my best but while doing all these, I am going to lose myself.
  • Sometime I feel, life has no reason but we are living it. How could we go for anything which is not going to give me anything, but I am living life….. 🙁 🙁 🙁
  • I do respect my elder ones but what for that, nobody is going to hug me when I am alone, sad, etc…. 🙁

Sometime life journey makes me feel happy and then I appreciate that it really matters to me. But what about sorrows which always come without notifying us. The supreme of this universe that created us, had already put so many chemical formulas with trigonometry equations. Who gave them right to do all these with us. Just think for while, if everybody was happy with their life and work but who cares about. But they are just living life in sake of getting happiness. They were all living with hope only… 😀

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